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This has been a truly unusual and difficult year. But as wise Friedrich Nietzsche once said: “What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger!” Alfaleads has become bigger and stronger. We turned all the difficulties into challenges and overcame the hurdles with enthusiasm. 

Highlights of this year:

The “Beautiful Life” promotion has ended in a grand prize draw

The year 2020 had a magically bright finishing touch! 

On December 25, we drew the line under our famous “Beautiful Life” promotion and one of the 20 finalists won a beautiful Tesla S car. 

To gain even more scale we launched an additional incredible draw! The giveaway included MacBook Pro, iPhone 12, Air Pods, Apple Watch, PS5, xBox, Google Pixel, JBL, and Yandex.Station. 

The title of the Best Dating affiliate program according to Affbank Awards

Last year, at the Affbank Awards 2019, we received the “Best Gambling/Betting Affiliate Program” award. This year the second international Affbank Awards 2020 named Alfaleads the winner in the category “Best Dating Affiliate Program”! 

Among other things, our newly formed Dating Team has been a key factor in this achievement. This is a team of experts in the Dating vertical, sharing their experience and bringing our affiliates to new heights providing them with the best conditions possible. We honor the members of our Dating Team, we are very humbled by this victory and will do everything in our power to be worthy of it.

Special units: iGaming Team, Dating Team, Finance Team

In 2020, we have created several units within the CPA division. Each one focuses on a specific vertical in affiliate marketing — iGaming, Dating, Finance. 

Each team consists of experts with hands-on experience in one of the verticals. Their job is to provide affiliates with the best terms on offers and to share our expertise. Now the Alfaleads affiliates are reared by strong professionals with their financial growth at heart. 

Our specialized units:

• provide exclusive terms and conditions

• share restricted information and real cases

• give maximum caps on private offers

• provide affiliates with top native apps

• assist in gaining international presence

• help our affiliates develop and maximize their profits

Restricted registration for new affiliates

Now, to become an Alfaleads affiliate, you need to submit your statistics along with the data on your average traffic volume, and pass an interview with our managers. 

After the registration, the new affiliate is guided by our special teams. These include Customer Care team, iGaming team, Dating team, Finance team, as well as the Research & Development team which is involved in searching for and testing of the profitable combos. 

The main idea behind the restriction is that this way we can give enough attention to each affiliate who is really interested in reaching new heights. We help him develop and spur the financial growth to bring him to the top. 

Research & Development team

R&D is a special department in Alfaleads that is engaged in finding new profitable combos with the use of marketing and creative approaches. The R&D team also runs tests of new sources, GEOs, verticals and offers. R&D provides support and spreads knowledge both inside and outside the company.

R&D is a scientific laboratory within a performance marketing agency that is always open to new knowledge and willing to share it. The department is currently working with Facebook, TikTok, and advertising networks. Exploration of less known sources that have huge potential is in store for the nearest future.

How the R&D team supports Alfaleads affiliates:

• we test out your ideas on attracting traffic

• we supply affiliates with well-performing combos

• we are looking for new profitable funnels

• we help to launch offers in the Finance and Games verticals

Legal service unique for the CPA market

Alfa Defense is a project that is unique for the CPA market. It helps affiliates to legalize earnings, unblock accounts, and deal with any other legal issues. The team’s lawyers represent our affiliates before banks and payment systems (ePayments, WebMoney, PayPal, etc.)

Alfa Defense Services:

• unlocking bank accounts

• registration of entrepreneurial status

• accounting and legal support of business

• tax advice

Full confidentiality and efficiency — pay upon delivery while saving your time and effort.

Offline conferences

The pandemic did not prevent the Alfaleads team from visiting one of the leading European b2b conferences —TES Affiliate Conference in Lisbon. We have also taken part in MAC 2020 — the largest CPA marketing conference in the CIS. There we met some old friends, made new ones, discussed the latest news, and had a lot of fun!

Of course, we were extremely careful and took all the necessary precautions ?

Online conferences

At the Webmaster Access 2020 virtual conference, we presented a class from our MBA course — “Australia. All about iGaming and affiliate marketing”. We have also shared the results of our large-scale research on the behavior of casino players during the online conference LEADZAVOD. Then we took the floor at the Affiliate Virtual Summit and, of course, opened a virtual booth at the world’s largest online iGaming exhibition — Virtual Expo SiGMA Europe dedicated to the European Gaming and Tech markets. 

Strategic partnership with the world’s largest iGaming conference

Alfaleads and SiGMA, the world’s largest iGaming conference, have concluded a strategic partnership. With combined experience of SiGMA and Alfaleads we provide our affiliates and partners with up-to-date knowledge in the iGaming vertical and hand out pleasant bonuses.

One of these is a free trip to Malta to visit SiGMA conference, which will be held from April 3 to 15, 2021. A ticket including flight and accommodation during the conference has been raffled off among the members of the SiGMA Affiliates Club during our grand show and prize draw marking the end of the “Beautiful Life” promotion. 

Remote work during lockdown

The lockdown brought more gains than losses for our company. During these months, we hired more than 100 people, and it took a little more than a day to transfer everyone to remote work. Employees had their computers, chairs and everything important delivered to them. All the communication was organized via IT services. 

The only drawback was that the team members were missing the live interaction, so we have started a tradition of informal Google Meetings and took to filming funny videos. 

Round tables, webinars and podcasts

Alfaleads together with QIWI and ZorbasMedia hosted a Gambling Talks round table. Among the speakers were representatives of our media buying team Alfamedia and the corresponding team from Traffic Devils company. A speaker from QIWI touched upon financial literacy and cash flow management in affiliate marketing. In addition to the round table, we held a workshop on creating and maintaining a team.

We also held several webinars. Zakhar Surov, our Affiliate Manager, highlighted some important points to see through before launching ad campaigns and spoke about the features of push traffic. At the webinar “From e-commerce to international iGaming” Anna Lovina, Head of iGaming Unit, spoke about the prospects of the international market, GEOs, budgets, offers, and much more. Anna Lovina and Vyacheslav Chemodanov, co-owner of Alfaleads, also hosted several podcasts dedicated to the timeless issues of affiliate marketing: the true face of the international audience, best creatives and budget to go global, current trends for affiliates.


This is it for our fruitful 2020. We are content with the work done and are looking forward to 2021. We have so many cool projects in store for this year! 

Are you with us? Join Alfaleads — let’s get better and stronger together!


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