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A Real Case Study on iOS Apps

Driving traffic through Facebook to iOS apps for gambling is nothing new. Those too lazy to try it keep arguing in vain, if the apps are dead or not. This case study won’t have any theories or assumptions. Just our experience supported by plain and simple stats, plus an example from one of our publishers. But first let’s see, what’s so good and unusual about iOS traffic.

The benefits of iOS traffic

1. Increased interest from advertisers

iOS users are more willing to spend money, so the deposits they make grow in size and numbers. For a publisher that means higher rates and lead caps.

2. Higher chances of passing Facebook moderation

In general, iOS apps are trusted more, because getting into the App Store is much more difficult than getting into Google Play – passing the App Store review process is much harder.

3. App longevity

iOS apps live longer and get banned less often. The main thing here is being careful with your promo content. Some of our apps have been on the App Store for 6 months. We are constantly monitoring their ratings, so they don’t draw any suspicions.

4. Less competition

Getting an app is not that easy. Those new to CPA marketing are out of the game. To be one of the first to test this new feature, you have to prove youк professionalism and be ready to work high volumes of traffic.

5. Adaptable to any offers and GEOs

We can подключить CPA/RevShare or a CPL offer with any GEO.

6. High ROI

An interesting, well-made app makes users want to stay, which positively affects the conversion rate.

What content brings the highest CR?

Videos converting best are success stories and (to a somewhat lower extent) winners’ reactions with nice previews and a quality translation. The text copy could promise users enticing bonus payments inside the app.

Some examples:

Unique content always works best, both video and text. Any examples from the Internet or from our Knowledge Base should be treated as guidelines for creating your own content.

iOS apps from Alfaleads

Most CPA networks are currently working with Android. That’s nothing new. We are developing our own iOS apps, and you will be pleasantly surprised by their quality. They’ve got a solid native part, so the reviewers should probably like our nice game, although it’s just a cloaking part with pretty graphics.

Our apps offer users a really fluid experience. The devil’s in the details here: slots, screen rotation and other small things greatly affect the overall impression. You have to think them through and check that all the elements display correctly.

Sure, iOS app development takes more time and resources; you also need qualified skilled developers. Yet, we’ve achieved pretty significant results.

Besides, we try to limit our apps to a “one app per publisher” rule, so that we don’t lose traffic or get banned quickly.

So, what do you get in the end?

  1. An app that will easily pass the review process
  2. Quality traffic every advertiser is eager to get (and willing to raise rates for it)
  3. And of course, a really hot conversion rate!

Some difficulties you might encounter

The main difficulty when working with iOS apps is a high cost per install, that can reach up to $4. Yes, it’s higher than for Android apps, but don’t get scared of it. First, it can be reduced later (though not as greatly as on Android), and second, with proper tweaking, your high ROI will cover all the expenses, trust us.

Deployment of an iOS app: a real-world case from our practice

Enough with the theory. One of our publishers has agreed to share his experience and stats working with iOS.

Let Alex explain:


Let me start with ROI, since it’s the most important metric: I got a ROI of 150% at start and 120% at high volumes.

Like everyone else, I drive most of my traffic to Gambling through Android apps, but recently the CR has dropped, while CPI hasn’t. It was getting harder to work, because everyone and their grandma started driving traffic to apps. I could either continue working and fighting off bans or drive the audience to the point of burnout. In the end, Alfaleads offered me to be one of the first testers of their iOS apps.

Launching an app is no different: just choose an app, deploy promotional content and set up ad targeting. The guys from Alfaleads chose a suitable offer, and I was good to go. I passed moderation pretty quickly, and my accounts didn’t get banned much (until I went too far with my content).

Be ready that the install cost is quite high: in my case it hovered around the $4 mark (which surprised me after working with Android, to put it mildly), then it grew even more, and I couldn’t optimize it. Can’t be helped, iOS traffic is pretty expensive. I chose to wait, and I was right: it wasn’t long before the sign ups and deposits started coming in. The CR was surprisingly high, so even with a high CPI I was in the black.

I should point out that driving down the install cost isn’t always desirable: the installations could be cheap, but useless, without sign ups or deposits.

Altogether, I drove traffic to the app for about two month. During that time, it never got banned, the profit was great, the CR and AR were consistently high.

Speaking about the CR, all in all it was something like this: on the first offer I had the click to sign up rate was about 20%, sign up to deposit was about 22-25%. The second offer had a 25% click to sign up rate, and the sign up to deposit was about 16-20%.

What to pay attention to:

  1. Working through AppsFlyer: you should optimize all your traffic pipelines on the adset level, turning off ads based on CR from this adset, not CPI. Many of my colleagues target a broad audience and turn their ads off, when CPI gets higher than $2. But lower CPI doesn’t mean high CR, and you can see that in AppsFlyer.
  2. There’s this idea that iOS users are all rich kids from cool Instagram accounts. In fact, a large portion of iOS devices are older iPhones. You should take it into account, because apps could run slower on them, or some offers could fail to work.

Lastly, here’s my Alfaleads stats:

To sum it up: for those publishers who are serious about it, we offer an interesting, beautifully designed app with professional setup. Contact our managers and be the among the first to start driving quality, high profit traffic!


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