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Discovering geo: Poland

Demographics and languages

Poland has a population of 38.6 million. The country is one of the most ethnically homogeneous in the world. Native poles make up 97% of the population, the remaining 3% are Russians, Ukrainians, Germans, Belarusians, Romani (Gypsies), etc.

The only official language is Polish. It is spoken by the vast majority (98%). Four regional dialects of Polish language — Lesser Polish, Masovian, Silesian and Greater Polish — are also quite common. Hence, the rule: all the ads should be in Polish.

More than 55% of the population can speak one foreign language fluently. The most common languages are Belarusian, Czech, Yiddish, German, and Russian.

High life expectancy is another prominent feature of the country. People aged 14–65 make up 71% (27.6 million) of the total population. By the age of 25, the proportion of men to women becomes 1:1. Among the elderly, women are significantly more numerous. In general, the population pyramid of Poland is of a constrictive type which is usually the case in developed countries.


In terms of nominal GDP, the country ranks 21st globally and it is 24th in the ease of doing business rating. The World Bank classifies Poland as a high-income country. Over the past 8 years, the population’s wages have grown by 40%, getting Poland ahead of many other EU countries. The average wage is €1050–1100 depending on the exchange rate.

The income of Polish people is also affected by their geographical location.

Online community

Research shows that 72% of the Poles use the Internet on a daily basis, among them 83% access the global network via mobile devices.

The majority of the users have graduated from a secondary school (41%). People with higher education rank second (26%). 17% of the users have obtained primary education, and 16% have vocational training.

By the end of 2018, the online audience featured 29.7 million users. In general, the majority of the population in Poland has access to the Internet, despite it being one of the most expensive in Europe.

The largest Polish Internet providers are Netia and TPSA. Internet speed range is 100–900 Mbps, the popular connection formats are LTE-B, VoWi-Fi, 5G is at the trial stage.

Internet censorship and online communication

The government does not restrict access to the Internet resources with the exception of blacklisted websites (pirate content torrent trackers, extremist organizations, etc.) The state is legally prohibited from interfering in the correspondence and privacy of users.

Poles prefer Facebook for communication and dating. Russians and Ukrainians often use Viber and WhatsApp messengers.

Popular websites

Top 3 most visited websites in Poland:, and According to the marketing intelligence service SpyMetrics, the following resources are also popular among the local population:

• — online news outlet (rank 4th)

• — e-commerce platform with a variety of products (rank 7th)

• — aggregator of goods and services (rank 11th)

• (rank 15th)

• (rank 16th)

• (rank 22nd)

Most Polish websites sell ad space (native ads, banners, etc.) Contextual Google Ads which account for about 98% of all the traffic are a great pick as a traffic source. The competition is next to nothing due to the fact that local affiliates can place advertising only if they have a status of an individual entrepreneur.


Poland is known for many adult offers, low-cost traffic and low competition. Since 86% of the Polish population is religious, and marriage is treated with much respect, you need to tread carefully with your creatives. Evidence shows that creatives featuring various tips from specialists and with the emphasis on family values perform well in the dating segment.

The most popular adult websites include the following:

• — sex dating website covering 6 cities in Poland

• — “secret dating” portal for people unhappy in their marriage

• — online dating in Warsaw

• — no-strings-attached sex dating

Dating websites:

• — dating for those seeking for a long-lasting relationship

• — Russian-language dating portal

Dating offers

ID 5135 – [CPL SOI] – [PL] – 18+

ID 5139 RandkiLocalne – CPL SOI – [PL] – [MOB] – [Social & Native]

ID 4834 – CPL SOI [PL] 25+

ID 5416 Loveeto – CPL SOI [PL] [WAP+WEB]18+


Gambling in Poland

Today, gambling in Poland is legal, it is regulated by the Ministry of Finance. The following types of gambling are allowed by the State:

• Games of chance

• Slot machines

• Sports betting

Casino games are legal only on the premises of the gambling houses. There are about 8 of those in the whole of Poland.

The following casino games are allowed:

• Blackjack, poker, baccarat

• Slot machines

• Roulette

• Dice

There have been several changes in legislation aimed at attracting foreign investors. Even now, foreign companies are allowed to run gambling businesses as long as they have an official office in Poland and at least one Polish-speaking sales representative.

As authorized companies provide a limited selection of games, the majority of the audience still prefers gray-hat gambling businesses. For the government this means companies located outside the country yet offering unauthorized online gambling.

In general, the share of the grey-hat gambling in Poland is gradually decreasing. In 2019, it dropped to 18.5%, which is below the EU average. For now, illegal gambling businesses account for about 60% of the market. 

Key points about iGaming in Poland:

— Gambling is allowed, with the exception of online poker

— Gambling license is valid for 6 years

— High taxation

— The gambling market is not privatized

— There is a 12% tax on bookmaker turnover and 20% on betting income

— Sports betting license is valid for 6 years and only available for the companies located in Poland

— The licensing process is slow

Why Polish audience is perfect for an affiliate

1. Polish people have a particular mindset: they are very patriotic, selfless, persistent, and may become reckless in view of success. Such an audience is easy to manipulate. The trick is in finding the right approach.

2. They are solvent — the average earnings vary between €1050–1100.

3. Polish people spend a lot of time online — about 28.2 million people go online every day.

4. Poles love online shopping: according to GlobalWebIndex, Poland is among the countries with the highest spread of e-commerce. You can get the best views on your ads in the morning and evening.

iGaming offers

ID 4773 Vulcan Vegas – Baseline (Social), CPA: 90 EUR

ID 4973 22 bet – [PT, PL, CZ, GR], CPA: 90 USD

ID 5413 Spin Million – [DE, PL], Hybrid: 75 EUR CPA + 30% Revshare

ID 4745 Vulkan Vegas – [PL] – Hybrid: 80 EUR + 90% Revshare


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