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eSports betting: working with streamers

An Alfaleads affiliate runs betting campaigns for eSports products. He has shared his expertise in dealing with streamers and told us how to select the right people and communicate your goals to them, choose a betting shop based on several criteria, and reach the “cyber” audience. 

Affiliates usually don’t do streams, instead they hire a suitable streamer (most often they pay a flat fee for a whole day of streams). Streamers host the show and post an affiliate link in the video description and chat. They also make regular reminders about the bonus new users can get if they register with the betting shop. Viewers click on the link, register, make a deposit — and you have another conversion in your tracker.

Let us take a closer look at some points that may significantly influence your conversion rate and profit.

Choosing a betting shop for eSports campaigns

Most importantly, the brand must have a line of eSports disciplines. Not so long ago, most brands didn’t take eSports seriously. They used to have only Dota 2 and Counter-Strike leagues — no more than that. Now, eSports have made it into the Top 5 in terms of betting volume among the sports available in betting shops.

Make sure that the brand has a positive media presence, it is wise to choose brands that finance well-known teams. The audience trusts such brands more, therefore, your campaign will have a warmer reception. Viewers know that a well-known team will not deal with shady and unreliable companies.

Betting shops often finance teams in Dota 2 and CS:GO, while Riot Games company (owners of the League of Legends) does not allow such sponsors for their teams. 

Why eSports are different from traditional sports

eSports have a younger audience than traditional sports, these people don’t have to support a family or pay the bills. This is why they find it less difficult to part with money. But there are fewer VIP leads who would make huge deposits within a month because younger people also have a lower and less stable income. Nevertheless, there have been cases when a single lead has spent more than $20K in numerous deposits within a week.

Presumably, Counter-Strike has a more solvent audience as it targets men over 30 y.o. Dota 2 has a younger audience (20–28 y.o.), but it is also quite solvent.

Choosing the right streamer

Browse the main streaming platforms and pay attention to the number of active viewers and the chat activity. If a streamer has at least 100 active viewers and moderate chat activity — that’s a viable option.

There are three types of streamers: beginners with an audience of up to 1000 active viewers, average with 1000–10,000 active viewers, and top streamers with more than 10,000. Of course, a campaign with the biggest audience will have the best outcome. 

But, it often happens that a beginner brings you the highest ROI. They have a smaller audience, but it’s a loyal one. And they take a moderate fee. Beginners tend to actively engage with their audience during the stream — and viewers just love it. Therefore, such streams have the best reach and impact, albeit within a smaller audience.

Setting tasks for the streamers 

Make sure to set the task to your streamer before they go live. Send a speech they have to say before the games begin. It will also be great for a streamer to name their favorite among the teams after the power spikes and bans. Streamers don’t bet themselves, they only share their thoughts about the game and advise the viewers to bet reasonably.

The impact of major tournaments

Betting is firmly linked to big events. You don’t have to think of the day and month when you run gambling campaigns, for instance. In betting, however, you have to follow the niche news and events.

The eSports audience shows a much greater interest towards the games during big tournaments. These events are hard to miss because they appear on every possible media channel. For example, during the recent International, we saw a Reg2Dep ratio that was 50% higher than usual and a very low cost per registration. Also, ROI was about 250–300% compared to 150–180% that we see in quieter times. The average deposit amount also goes higher during big events.

Warming up the audience

Bear in mind that your audience may take some time to fully engage. We mostly see this during tournaments with Tier-3 teams. Usually, there is more activity closer to playoffs: the audience has warmed up, viewers have determined their favorites — they begin registering and making bets. So, remember that sometimes your audience needs more time to warm up.

Prospects of eSports betting

If nothing goes south in a few years and eSports are still open and accessible to the general public, then eSports betting is likely to rise into the Top 3 sports in terms of the volume of bets. Probably, eSports will never outshine football and tennis, but hockey, basketball, and table tennis are likely to lose their positions.

Why choose Alfaleads?

Alfaleads has a variety of eSports offers for almost any GEO. For example PinUp (the Czech Republic, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, etc.), Mostbet, CyberBet (Chile, Peru), and many more.

Comments of an Alfaleads representative 

Constantine Guberkan, Teamlead Marketing Alfaleads

eSports betting is still extremely underestimated despite its untapped potential. This article describes only one approach to running ad campaigns that unite betting and “cyber” disciplines.

However, there are companies like DraftKings and FanDuel that develop the industry of Fantasy Sports and Sports Betting and grow by 40–45% every year.

In recent years, many countries have relaxed their regulations towards such companies and this sector in general. So, we can expect this vertical to grow even further.

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