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Getting ready for the Olympics 2020

The Euro-2020 has been rather emotional for its spectators and very profitable for the affiliates. Let us share the results that Alfaleads has seen during the football championship:

Traffic in the sports betting vertical grew by 300 %.
The highest traffic surges were during the final and semifinal matches.
Best traffic sources: ASO

We suggest going even further as the summer Olympics get rolling. The whole wide world will be watching the athletes and bet on the results.

Tokyo Olympic Games

These Olympics are the most unusual ones in all the history of these games. Due to COVID-19 the games have been postponed for a whole year. However, the name and the branded merchandise that went with it is still “Tokyo-2020”. Moreover, the spectators will not be able to visit the opening gala and the closing ceremony.

Dates: July 23 — August 8
Location: Japan, Tokyo
Number of sports: 33

Interest towards the games

These Olympics are a long-awaited event, and no sports lover can stay uninvolved. Check out the Google.Trends to see how the interest spikes:


The program of the games encompasses 33 summer sports, including badminton, basketball, swimming, weightlifting, fencing, football. We will see more than 1 300 events: qualifying tournaments, semifinals, finals, etc.

This time the Olympics will also introduce new sports: karate, surfing, baseball/softball, sport climbing, and skateboarding. Thus, the organizers promote sports traditional for Japan and those popular among younger people. Moreover, this time the number of female-only sports and mixed-sex sports has been increased.

The most popular

Football, basketball, tennis, table tennis, and volleyball attract the most attention. Football fans will have another chance to enjoy their favorite sport: the betting agencies now favor Spain, Brazil, France, Germany, and Argentina. The teams from African countries are also expected to show good results.

Fun fact: baseball is a traditional sport not only in the USA but also in Japan. Baseball is highly popular and is played by professionals as well as by ordinary people. So, we expect to see an avalanche of bets for baseball matches from the Japanese spectators.

Experts predict that the athletes from the United States and China will win the majority of medals, and Russia will compete with Great Britain and Japan for third place.

Betting offers

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