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Making video for Facebook: online editors you can use


A very popular online editor, plus it is really easy to use. Just pick a template you like, upload your content and put your video blocks together. You don’t need any video editing skills or knowledge, simply drag and drop the parts of the video where you want them.

On the personalization side, you can customize your color palette and use various animated effects. You can also add songs from the built-in music library.

Создание видео для FB: обзор сервисов, изображение №1


  • Snappy, no lag
  • User-friendly interface and a blog with tutorials
  • Many effects, filters, fonts and even music


  • Quite pricey: $33 per month for a Professional plan (removes the Animoto logo at the end of your videos)



Reevio’s interface may not be as intuitive as Animoto’s, but functionally they are identical. Reevio has a similar drag-and-drop idea: choose a template, upload your media and customize the video to your heart’s content.

The pricing is a little more humane than Animoto’s, with a year’s subscription costing $59. There is also a free tier, albeit with some restrictions: exporting is limited to 5 videos a month, and your videos will be stamped with a Reevio watermark.

Создание видео для FB: обзор сервисов, изображение №2


  • Uploading is really quick
  • A wide range of available effects, including “live muck-ups”
  • Affordable pricing


  • Interface could be easier



A very easy and powerful online video maker. Differs from the rest in that it has a library of 15 million high quality video clips, with many categories, including casinos and betting. The stock footage is from Getty Images and Shutterstock, and it’s marked with a Premium icon. Promo’s interface is similar to traditional video editors, so users used to those will feel right at home.

Some other welcome features include live video preview, the ability to quickly change from landscape to vertical or square format, and a robust library search. The cheapest option costs $29 per month (if you choose an annual subscription with a single payment of $468). The free trial offers full functionality to try Promo out, but there’s no downloading the video you made. In short, we can fully recommend this one.

Создание видео для FB: обзор сервисов, изображение №3


  • Powerful features
  • Easy in-app navigation
  • Cool stock footage


  • High price (though it’s a little cheaper than Animoto)


Alfaleads tips for making your video even better

— Put the most striking, effective shots right at the start of your video. This increases the chances that people scrolling their news feed will stop to see it.

— 88% of users use Facebook on mobile. Try your video out on a smartphone and check that all the text and images are readable on a small screen.

— Some more stats: 85% of Facebook users watch videos without sound. Use text so that people understand what’s going on. If people are talking on video, make subtitles.

— Don’t make your videos too long, so that viewers don’t lose interest. Every second counts! 

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