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Sweepstakes Guide

Due to the coronavirus and necessary self isolation, the Sweepstakes vertical is on the rise. The Alfaleads team has made a collection of cool offers for you, as well as a short guide on working with the vertical.

What are Sweepstakes and how to work with them?

Sweepstakes are contests where a prize may be awarded to the winner in return for some action: subscription, leaving their contact details, etc. The participants get a chance to win the prize, while the advertiser gets a customer base to work with.

Sweepstake types

1. SOI. Simple sign up sweepstakes, where the participants just enter their personal details. The easiest offer, that offers the lowest payouts.

2. DOI. These sweepstakes require the participants to confirm their email addresses to enter (following a link in an email they get after signing up). A more difficult option to work with, but with higher payouts than SOI.

3. CC Submit. This type requires participants to enter their credit card information to sign up. The card gets charged a certain amount. The most difficult, not entirely legal option.


As usual, the most hyped products work best. New iPhone coming out? Got something newsworthy with a product to match it? Go ahead! The sweepstakes will attract a huge audience. One example could be Black Friday + iPhone X Sweepstakes.

Hyped sweepstakes are guaranteed to increase ROI and lead to fewer rejections. So watch the calendar and the news cycle closely, so you don’t miss your chance.

Traffic Sources and GEOs

You should pay special attention to the traffic sources and GEOs. Different sources need different settings, so you’ll have to test a lot and look for the perfect source. We can recommend the following sources:

  • Pop-Under Ads and Push Notifications
  • Facebook and Native Ads
  • Email 


You’ll definitely need a pre-landing page, because direct links don’t work in Sweepstakes. You have to engage the user in the process of winning the prize. Here’s how you should do it:

  • Call-to-action buttons should be recognizable and clear to the user.
  • Visual elements are a major part of a successful pre-landing page.
  • Load time should be short and snappy. It is very important.
  • The language of your pre-landing page should match the GEO you are working with.
  • Several offers on a single page work great. Choose a line up of prizes that your target audience will be interested in. But make sure these offers are from different advertisers. One advertiser has no need for multiple entries from a single user.

Promotional content

You have to show the users the product they’re entering to win on your pre-landing page. It is the most surefire way to make high profits.

Choose the sweepstakes and make profit!


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